Spring is in the air, and with it come a myriad of promises.  Some of the most eagerly awaited are those early fragrant blooms that simply enrapture us in equal measure with both their splendor and reassurance that the often long winter is finally over.  And you cannot help but feel a little spring in your step as well.  Don’t we all feel a bit like Julie Andrews spinning atop a lush mountain landscape singing about feeling alive and our favorite things?  Yes, it’s a bit dramatic, but the rush of it all is quite real.

Speaking of favorite things, especially those that give you such a sense of feeling refreshed and revitalized, let me introduce you to one of ours.  Caryn Gehlmann is the founder, CEO and Clinical Aromatherapist behind Essential 3, or E3 for short, the exceptional essential oil aromatherapy company we partnered with to create some of our signature blends.  What makes Caryn and her team so special is that we have a shared vision for our partnership.

Our goals at SnooperBear were to create a new and comforting aromatherapy experience for children.  We strove to source not only the best oils, but also a trusted partner with the experience and knowledge to blend just the right ones for our needs and for our unique customers.  E3 does just that, and what makes them one of our favorite things is that they are as passionate about our vision for a comforting aromatherapy experience as we are.  We had a chance to sit down and discuss our goals for giving kids the “aromatherapy hug” recently.  Please enjoy her post below!


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