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What we believe in. We believe in pajamas at any time of the day. We believe in a whole box of colorful band aids when even just one will do. We believe in breakfast for dinner. We believe in one extra story, one extra bear hug and kiss before bed. We believe in comfort and cuddles. And when our little are not feeling well, we believe in giving them comforting relief that soothes and snuggles.

When our girls, Riley and Reese were young and suffering with stiffy noses and coughs that kept them up at night, we felt helpless to provide relief. We wanted to avoid medicine, which has its own risks and side effects. In our search for a natural solution, we ruined countless teddy bears and pajamas by smearing menthol ointments on them as we tried to offer safe relief.

We loved the benefits of essential oils and knew there had to be a better way to bring aromatherapy to our kids in a convenient, fun and comforting way. So we created SnooperBear™.

SnooperBear™ gives us and our little ones comfort, so we can all rest peacefully

Jenny Adamou


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