Essential oils. For the novice, the term alone speaks something of a mystical essence with old world ways passed on over the years to certain few lucky enough to receive the knowledge of these natural wonders. And for the beginner, where to start is nothing short of daunting. There are just so many oils. It’s hard to know where to dip your toe in the pool, and once you do, to know how many steps to go down. Before you know it, you can land in the deep end swimming in so many oils that your brain and your bank account are both suffering. As a wise friend once told me, “It’s a slippery slope, my oily friend!”

If you are intrigued to learn what essential oils can do for you, the best advice is often the simplest: Start low and go slow. Pick one or two therapeutic arenas you want to explore benefits for, such as insomnia, anxiety, pain, or good old fashioned coughs and colds. Many different oils can offer benefits for the same ailment, so pick one or two that smell good to you. After all, aromatherapy is a nice benefit of these glistening drops.

Then remember, a little goes a very long way! Each drop is concentrated and packs a punch, so start with the recommended dose and see how you feel, react, and respond accordingly before you start to up the dose.

Finally, make sure you are investing in a quality brand. If it seems too good of a bargain, chances are you aren’t going to reap the therapeutic rewards.

Above all, essential oils are a highly individual experience. What is experienced as fresh, uplifting and wonderfully fragrant to one can seem pungent and off-putting to another. Your nose will know, so trust it.


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